It’s a “Game Changer” for 5WGShawn Drotar

Posted on August 16th, 2011 in Gaming, Opinion by Shawn Drotar
After a long period of soul-searching, I’ve decided to return to 5WG with an intent to get back to my first gaming love - the world of sports.

As a sportswriter and editor by trade, the confluence of real-life sports leagues and their digital counterparts has created a fascinating landscape, one that I’m eager to explore again.

To that end, I’ve joined the EA Sports Game Changers program; a collection of gamers like myself, who have access to EA’s game developers and management in a streamlined fashion, which I hope will enable me to bring the sports gaming community’s feedback and ideas directly to the people that make the games they play.

I have never - and don’t plan to - run advertisements or try to make money off of this site in any way. Like always, I’m trying to make games better and help them gain traction as the preeminent form of entertainment in the 21st Century.

When I joined Game Changers, it was with the understanding of both parties that I’m no evangelist - they have marketing folks for that stuff, and I have no desire to become one. They aren’t compensating me in any way, save the opportunity to evaluate games at an earlier date than usual, nor would I accept any other such compensation. In the end, I have to be able to look at myself in the mirror and ensure that I’m running this site for the right reasons - the betterment of gamers everywhere.

I will endeavor, as I always have, to remain impartial. If I don’t think a title is a quality one - any title - I’ll tell you. I don’t want to play poor games, nor would I want you to. There will be no favoritism toward EA Sports, though I suspect that my in-advance views of certain titles would generate coverage. If any other developer were to offer me the same opportunity, I’ll take it - as long as didn’t come with strings attached.

I’m excited about this new perspective, and I hope that it’s something that you find value in. I can’t wait to start discussing it all with you.

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  1. Johnny said,

    on August 18th, 2011 at 7:31 pm

    Glad you are back, Shawn. I always love reading what you have to say about the video game industry.

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