The More Things Change…Shawn Drotar

Posted on July 5th, 2011 in Gaming by Shawn Drotar

In the gaming world, it’s important to understand that there will always be ebbs and flows with regard to quality, but in my experience, no game developer sets out to make a poor title. I never question their work ethic. Making games is hard work.

That said, we live in a world of consumerism - if any product sells well enough the way it is, then don’t expect changes. If it doesn’t? Well, then, savvy game manufacturers occasionally look to places like this to see how they might be able to sell more copies to others.

When I created 5WG, that was always goal No. 1 - constructive criticism for developers, but always for the sole purpose of making certain that consumers - gamers - got the best bang for their buck.

Hopefully, the products fit the bill out of the box, and the release-then-patch mentality that seems to permeate today’s games is nothing less than vile - those that complain that they’re basically paying $60 to become beta testers aren’t that far off from the truth.

However, rather than having no recourse at all and being stuck with a game we’re unhappy with, we have, well, each other - like-minded, solution-oriented individuals who choose to roll up their sleeves and pick up the slack for no other reason than the fact that we all share the same hobby. That’s what makes gaming different than any other entertainment medium.

You can’t fix an underwhelming movie, book or music release, but clever people like the ones in the gaming community can - and usually do - offer something to help their fellow gamer feel like their time and money isn’t wasted.

For every thousand foolish, profanity-spewing punks online, for every hundred racist, sexist, homophobic morons on Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network, there’s someone else, here or on other gamer-centric sites, who’s trying to make gaming more fun for their fellow man and woman… just because they want to.

Believe me, it’s not for nothing. I’ve seen the difference it makes first-hand.
Thanks for making that difference.

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