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Posted on October 19th, 2009 in Gaming, Xbox 360, Playstation 3, News, Opinion by Shawn Drotar

Monday, Monday, can’t trust that day…

  • The Major League Baseball season is winding down, but Sony’s right in the thick of building next spring’s MLB 10: The Show. On Kotaku, Owen Good interviews two of the game’s graphic designers about creating Target Field, the home of the Minnesota Twins in 2010. The real-life Target Field isn’t finished yet, making it an obvious challenge for the design team to create an accurate replica. It’s interesting read for those who like learning about the nuts and bolts of game creation.
  • Not surprisingly, the Modern Warfare 2-branded Xbox 360 package is now available for pre-order and scheduled for release on November 10, the same day that the game itself lands on store shelves. The package includes an Xbox 360 Elite with a modified paint job, two controllers, a copy of Modern Warfare 2, of course, and most importantly, a 250-gigabyte hard drive, by more than double the largest available for the Xbox 360 and - for the moment, at least - only available as part of this package. Must… resist…fishing…out…credit…card…
  • In Microsoft’s Xbox 360 Dashboard update, set to take place in November, the new Facebook, Twitter and capabilities have been well-known. Today, however, Joystiq discusses the previously unknown News and Music Store additions. The first will further leverage Microsoft’s media arm, including a hefty dose of MSNBC content, one presumes. The second will better organize all the downloadable content available for the Xbox 360’s robust library of music titles, reportedly including the ability to preview the song within the Dashboard itself. If so, that’s a boon for music gamers, especially with the potential of the Rock Band Network, which could flood the Xbox Live Marketplace with songs in relatively short order.
  • Of course, that Music Store addition drives home one of Microsoft’s biggest problems - storage space. On a PlayStation 3, users can buy their own hard drives and install them without voiding their warranty. Want a 750-gigabyte PS3? No problem - spend about 100 bucks and 20 minutes - done. On the Xbox 360, however, space is quickly becoming a problem, and Microsoft’s largest hard drive on individual sale is 120 gigabytes, and it’s priced ridiculously high. Their next Dashboard update will make things worse, with Microsoft’s Larry “Major Nelson” Hyrb stating that the update will disable all third-party memory options. Nice. Perhaps if Microsoft had competitively-priced storage solutions, people won’t be looking for third-party options. But instead, they’ve chosen just about the most consumer-unfriendly path, right when their competition’s hard on their heels. Not the smartest move.

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