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Posted on July 24th, 2009 in Gaming, Xbox 360, News, Opinion, Podcast by Shawn Drotar

You may have noticed the lack of a new podcast this week. Due to some scheduling issues, our planned podcast with special guests Will Kinsler and Justin Dewiel of EA Sports didn’t materialize.

But it will next week.

Kinsler and Dewiel, community managers for EA Sports’ Tiburon studio, are busy fellows now that the videogame football season is upon us, but they’ll stop by on Monday night to record next week’s podcast, which will be published on Tuesday. The two men were involved with a “community playdate” on Thursday, where they faced off against other NCAA Football 10 gamers over Xbox Live. I’m sure they’ll talk about that, and we’ll see if we can wring a little new Madden NFL 10 information out of them, too.

Further down the road, in the first week of August, we’ll have StickSkills.com’s Dougie Veney on as our guest. Veney, who started his site as a high-school project three years ago and has since watched it blossom, lists one of his goals as “saving the world of online gaming from screaming ten year olds”. Sounds like a noble occupation to me.


In other news, Kotaku takes a sneak peek at the Xbox 360’s forthcoming Dashboard update (currently scheduled for August 11), which will add - most notably - enhanced Netflix functionality and an Avatar store where gamers can buy new clothes for their virtual alter egos.

As regular readers of the site know, this is usually my cue to unleash a rant about the evils of nickel-and-diming consumers to death, but today, I’ll cede the floor to Kotaku commenter “The Cap’n”, who’s snark already has it covered: “Wow, I can pay to wear your logos and advertise your product on your network that I’m already paying for? Really? You’ll let me do that? (Get the f*** out)! If people would complain at any price point except free, it’s because this is the sort of thing that should be free. All of them probably, but certainly the ones that advertise Xbox-related products. It would make me more loyal to the service instead of viewing it with resentment. Re-skins for my virtual doll. They want the fruit of my labor for that? A pox on you.

Touché, mon capitan.

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