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Posted on May 23rd, 2009 in Gaming, Xbox 360, News, Wii by Shawn Drotar

Here’s what I’ll be playing over the weekend; perhaps you might like to take one for a spin as well:


Hey, who among us couldn’t afford to drop a couple pounds? Liar.

I picked up a second resistance band and thigh cuff for the Wii Nunchuk at my local game store and look forward to squaring off against my wife for a 30-day challenge. Everybody wins.

It’s more fun and more visually appealing than Wii Fit, in my opinion; you’ll work up a much better sweat and the fact that two people can play at the same time realy helps you push one another.

Expect to hear more about this title on these pages soon - especially if I get brave enough to post how I’m doing online. Maybe we should start a 5WGaming weight loss league here and encourage each other online. If you’d think you’d be think you be interested, post in the comments thread below and we’ll work something out.

We can change the names to protect the innocent, of course. And to protect the workout warriors who are making the rest of us look bad…

UFC Undisputed 2009

Two weeks ago, I couldn’t care less about this game. I had no interest, I don’t like mixed martial arts and I’m lousy at most fighting games to boot.

Today, all I think about is improving my judo throws and working on my “ground-and-pound” game, There’s so much depth, so much detail and so much fun to had here that it’d be a crying shame to miss it.

Download the demo, go buy the game, and go have an absolute blast, especially if you have a couple buddies at your house and a few cold brews in the fridge (21 and over, please!).

It’s been years since a game’s completely captured my attention like this one - enough so that I bought my first game guide in a decade. There’s a lot to learn, but the learning process is more fun than daunting.

We’re talking sleeper Sports Game of the Year material here, folks - do not miss it.

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  1. mgoblue said,

    on May 27th, 2009 at 2:43 pm

    Agree on UFC (as you know)! You talked me into getting EA Active (along with my parents, one of my dad’s co-workers said it was great, so they picked it up). I look forward to see if the western style of working out is more in line with what I like compared to Wii Fit, and the scheduling is top notch. We’ll see.

  2. Mark Fossen said,

    on May 28th, 2009 at 2:44 pm

    I think I’m going to try EA Active as well. Maybe pick it up this weekend along with the suddenly-in-stock Wii Fit. I have an upcoming role that I need to get in shape for … not so much weight, but strength and stamina.

  3. mgoblue said,

    on May 30th, 2009 at 6:37 pm

    I haven’t used EA Active a ton yet, but after the running and high knees (and other exercises) I did feel it in my calves a bit the next day…any game that makes me slightly sore is good lol

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