Warhawk Invades the PS3

Posted on August 30th, 2007 in Gaming, Playstation 3, Opinion by Guest Writers

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My Playstation 3 has been craving attention for months now. Problem is, aside from the occasional game of baseball with the superb MLB ‘07: The Show, I’ve had little reason to award the PS3 a second of my precious spare time.  It’s no secret that Sony’s next-gen machine has been lacking in the desirable games department.

Enter Warhawk.

Prior to July’s E3 Expo, the Warhawk hype machine was spinning in full force. For reasons unbeknownst to me, the hype began to fade, as did my interest along with it. The release date managed to sneak up on me this week, leaving me scrambling for more info, hoping that this would be another reason to fire up my PS3.

After deciding on a purchase, I was left with two options. One, do I run out to my local Best Buy and drop $60 on the online-only Warhawk that’s packaged with a Bluetooth wireless headset, or two, do I plant my ass in my comfy recliner and simply download the title off of the Playstation Network? Option two was so tempting. Factor in that I’m a family man, and that the download costs $20 less, it was a no-brainer. Sure, the download’s missing the Bluetooth headset, but I’ll survive.

I mentioned it earlier, but it’s possible I need to reiterate that Sony Computer Entertainment’s Warhawk consists of online-only play via the Playstation Network.  The game features up to 32 players, with a perfect mix of ground and aerial assault that’s strikingly similar to EA’s Battlefield series.  Whether your more comfortable engaging in dogfights with the aptly named warhawk aircraft, or destroying the beautiful landscape in a armored tank, the action is hectic and intense, leaving you wanting more. As with most online shooters, your standard Capture the Flag, Zones, Team Deathmatch, and Deathmatch modes are present.  Unfortunately, that’s it.  While the game lists only 5 playable maps, there’s much more to it.  Each map is actually broken down into several settings within that map.  Some are much larger than others, which gives you some flexibility based on how many players you have in your session.  Don’t fret, thanks to an impressive draw distance, spotting that approaching warhawk isn’t as difficult as it first sounds.

It’s important that a game like Warhawk handles as well as it looks.  Tanks, aircraft, jeeps; they’re all present, and they all handle differently.  It is possible to use the Sixaxis controls for the warhawks, but their movement didn’t feel as natural as what you’d get with the analog controls.  Aside from that, I was thoroughly impressed with how well the game, as a whole, handled with the analog controls.  Furthermore, Warhawk grants the ability to edit the controls for each vehicle, and your character.  If you prefer Southpaw, or up/down inverted, the option is there.

Perhaps a concern for some is how balanced the actual gameplay is.  Well, there’s no shortage of destructible weapons and vehicles in Warhawk.  Stationary missile turrets, tanks, and rocket launchers are all capable of taking a warhawk out of the sky with one hit.  In the same token, the warhawk can deliver the same punishment with a direct hit.  Each also allows the ability to lock-in on a target, which releases a homing missile.  Ground targets are sitting ducks, but warhawks are capable of avoiding the missile with some crafty maneuvering.  There are other weapons available to ground soldiers, such as flamethrowers, assault rifles, and sniper rifles.  Basically, there’s no dominant weapon or vehicle, and a counter for every attack.

There it is, just a brief synopsis.  I haven’t spent much time with Warhawk, but that’s only because the game’s been on my hard drive since Tuesday.  What I do know, from my brief experience with the game, is that the Warhawk offers enough to keep me wanting to come back for more.  For myself, and my PS3, that’s all we’ve been asking for.

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  1. Scott said,

    on August 31st, 2007 at 4:12 am

    Best game I’ve played on the PS3 to date, and one of the finer online games period. If the PSN was up to snuff with XBL, then this game would be a classic for the ages. The fact you can’t invite friends or even see your friends list in game are two of the things that detract from the overall experience.

    Playing on the SCEA servers, with 31 other people though is pure bliss. This game as long legs and will be in my PS3 for months to come. Bravo Sony, you released one of the better games I’ve played in all of “next gen”.

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