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Posted on May 17th, 2007 in Gaming, Xbox 360, News, Opinion by Shawn Drotar

Yesterday morning’s release of the Halo 3 public beta never happened, as a behind-the-scenes SNAFU tripped the process up for most of the day. It was finally resolved last night, and now formerly infuriated gamers, many of whom apparently never even tried Crackdown, the brilliant game that the beta was packaged with, are undoubtedly - as we speak - spilling their invectives among the Spartans, and putting Bungie’s new “a-hole button” to the test.

Instead of whining on the ‘net, I played Crackdown’s new (and free!) “Keys to the City” mode while I waited, laughing maniacally the whole time as an amped-up version of Marvel’s “Punisher” character, wreaking superhuman amounts of havoc on the bad guys while I cleaned up the town. OK, maybe I put my squad car on top of 100 explosive barrels on top of a building once or twice - you know, just to see what would happen - but I digress.

Regardless, the beta’s now up and running, and if you’d like a very nice primer before you dive in to the land of the continually hopping, profane teenagers after too many energy drinks, Bungie’s got you covered with a thorough guide.

Do keep in mind that’s it’s a beta, though - the game doesn’t release until September. So in exchange for the sneak peek, do the Halo 3 team a favor; be nice, play fair, make bug reports and help them make a better game for you this fall.

By the way, that inconvenient delay of less than one day bought gamers an extra four days, as Microsoft extended the length of the beta from June 6th to June 10th in apology. In that spirit of giving, sharing and understanding… remember what the man said while you enjoy the experience.

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