Shawn DrotarReview: NBA Street Homecourt

Posted on February 28th, 2007 in Gaming, Xbox 360, Reviews, News, Opinion by Shawn Drotar

The latest iteration of Electronic Arts’ NBA Street series makes its next-gen debut on the Xbox 360, and thankfully, NBA Street Homecourt brings the memorable fun and flash of the series along with the expected dazzling graphics.
There’s not much more to Homecourt than gameplay, but the gameplay is terrific; an addictive blend of risk-and-reward challenge […]

Shawn DrotarSpeaking Out of Both Sides of the Mouth

Posted on February 27th, 2007 in Gaming, Playstation 3, News, Opinion by Shawn Drotar

So, the PlayStation 3 won’t have hardware-driven backwards-compatibility with previous PS2 games in Europe and Australia, instead resorting to software-driven BC like the Xbox 360. Personally, I’m fine with that. I’ve always felt that backwards-compatibility for new gaming consoles was at best a minor feature, and at worst, a complete waste of time, money and […]

Mark FossenGo with the flOw

Posted on February 26th, 2007 in Gaming, Playstation 3, Reviews by Mark Fossen

go with the flOw … tip the controller to move
press any button for a boost
press > to pause
friends can pick up a controller and dive in
These simple instructions introduce you to the world of flOw. You won’t get much else, and perhaps not much else is needed. Part of the charm here is figuring out […]

Shawn DrotarMLB 2K7: Hands-on

Posted on February 23rd, 2007 in Gaming, Xbox 360, News, Opinion by Shawn Drotar

As regular readers of this site are aware, I write a weekly column for that focuses primarily on sports titles. In order to provide gamers with helpful pointers and strategies for any given game, it requires much more than just reading the manual - it requires hours upon hours of time with the game, […]

Shawn DrotarScattershots

Posted on February 22nd, 2007 in Gaming, News, Opinion, Wii by Shawn Drotar

Musings for a Thursday afternoon:

Think that gamers are the only ones throwing Wii parties? Think again. Senior citizens in a Chicago suburb are preparing for a Wii Sports bowling tournament, set for Sunday in the retirement community’s lounge. “We’ll even have a fan for people to dry their hands before they bowl,” said 72-year-old […]

Shawn DrotarMTV loves the Vision camera a bit too much

Posted on February 21st, 2007 in Gaming, Xbox 360, News, Opinion by Shawn Drotar

MTV’s Stephen Totilo thinks he has a “million-dollar idea”.
He believes that your Xbox Live Vision Camera-enabled Xbox 360 should snap a picture every time you unlock an Achievement. It’s a cute idea, akin to the snapshots that amusement parks take of you on a roller-coaster; a moment of surprising excitement captured for posterity.
It’s also one […]

Shawn DrotarEditing Is Fun!

Posted on February 20th, 2007 in Gaming, Xbox 360, Opinion by Shawn Drotar

OK, as an editor by trade, I admit that maybe that’s overstating it a bit… a lot… whatever. It’s necessary nevertheless. is running a feature entitled “Why Xbox 360 Is King”, or - after you click the so-named link from their front page - it’s entitled “Top 10 Reasons Xbox360 Will Be Crowned King“. Anyway, […]

Shawn DrotarOdysseus Rising

Posted on February 16th, 2007 in Gaming, Playstation 3, News, Opinion by Shawn Drotar

Despite the gloom and doom surrounding the PlayStation 3, Sony’s situation looks like the Greeks’ on the beachhead at Troy; wreckage strewn everywhere, ships burning in the harbor… and one, big wooden horse.
Despite the PS3’s embarrassing launch and the even more embarrassing reception following it, Sony’s Trojan Horse still made it past the great walls. […]

Mark FossenXbox 360 Valentine: A Play In One Act

Posted on February 14th, 2007 in Gaming, Xbox 360 by Mark Fossen

Her: “When are we leaving for dinner?”
Him: “In a minute. Need to finish King Kong. Need points.”
Her: “What?????”
Him: “I’m trying to win an Old Spice T-Shirt. I thought I had two months, but it turns out there’s barely enough to last a day.”
Her: “You’re postponing our Valentines Date so you can win a T-Shirt????”
Him: “And […]

Shawn DrotarIt’s Not ALL Greek To Me

Posted on February 13th, 2007 in Gaming, Playstation 3, News, Opinion by Shawn Drotar

God of War II, Sony’s sequel to one of the best received action games in the system’s long and distinguished history, is collecting more and more rave reviews for itself as you read this.
While it’s not scheduled to hit store shelves until mid-March, the M-rated title has been feted for it’s solid controls, clever puzzles […]

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